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New Zealand Itinerary

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Mr. Cotter                                                                                                        Cooper Lytle

Social Studies                                                                                                           3/31/11

A New Zealand Trip


Day 1: While you’re in Western Springs you should go to the Auckland Zoo. You can see impressive and beautiful animals. Like Lions, Tigers, Rhinos, Hippos, and Giraffes. Also rare native animals too. Including Tuatara native ducks and the cheeky kea which is a native parrot also a native owl and the kiwi. The zoo also is also open at night so you can see some of the animals come out at night


Day 2: When you’re in Te Puke go to the Kiwi Capital of the World. You can get your picture taken in the giant kiwi. Also you can go on the kiwi tours and see and learn how the kiwis grow. While you’re at Kiwi 360 you can go to the gift shop and get plenty of your kiwi merchandise needs. You can also learn how this wonderful fruit made its way to this beautiful country. Also find out the about the "Super Fruit Phenomenon."


Day 3: If you’re in Napier come to the National Aquarium of New Zealand. It is the largest display of marine life and New Zealand Wildlife. They have Sting Rays, Sharks, Turtles, Seals as well as New Zealand wildlife. Like Tuataras and Kiwis. Also while your there you can learn about the spiritual significance and Pania of the Reef.


Day 4: Travel to Wellington and stop by The Museum of New Zealand. This museum has a wealth of native artifacts. It also has many interesting exhibits about New Zealand's native people the Maori, including some of their art. This museum has everything New Zealand.


Day 5: After you've visited the Museum of New Zealand go to Zealandia: The Karori Sanctuary Experience. It is a sanctuary for native birds. Zealandia has many interesting exhibits that teach you about the native birds. They also have an exhibit that takes you back 1,000 years before people arrived in New Zealand. It shows you the many different species and how the humans impacted them. Zealandia is a must see.


Day 6: If you travel down to South Island you should go to Christchurch and visit Lancaster Park/AMI Stadium. This stadium is the home to the New Zealand Rugby team the ALL BLACKS. If you visit here you'll find yourself enthralled in the sports. However it does not only hold Rugby but also cricket and other sports. This Stadium will blow your mind.


Day 7: Finish off your trip with a visit to Westland National Park. It has loads of beautiful awe- inspiring glaciers including Fox Glacier and the Franz Josef as well. For those adventurous hikers they can hike the glaciers and marvel at the view and beauty. But for those a little less confident are some beautiful back country walks. Also Westland is a great place to bird watch as well. Westland National Park is a great spot for nature lovers.











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